Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mini Marathon - can I be a finisher? :(

just about 34 hours left for the dooms day :(
I'm participating in the first ever running event of my life - Louisville mini marathon on the 29'th..the race distance is 13.1 miles!
i'm getting very nervous if I will be able to be the FINISHER..

the training went well so far..till last week I put 30 miles per week. the only thing that scares me is, never in my training I ran for the full 13.1 miles :( the best I could do is 10 miles in 2 hrs 20 min..I remember how I felt when I completed the 10 legs gave up on me and I had a weird felt just like FLU..the scary part is, when I think about the 3 additional miles! I hope the cheering of the crowd and the fellow participants will give me the additional energy till the finish line..veeraanjeneya naku sakthi ivvu swamiiii..

i'm able to maintain the minimum speed of 15 minutes per mile..but what will happen on the race day? just read the rules of the race..they say that if you cannot finish a mile in 15 minutes, please go to the sidewalk, because normal traffic will be released..for ex: the race starts at 7:45, the first mile is released by the race officials to the public traffic. So are they saying here that if a bus hits you, we are not responsible? or they are saying, get way from the race if you cant do it, u incompetent asshole?? :( ok, I got the message, thanks :(

come back to check my blog..i'll post what happened..I'm confident that i'll be able to finish the darn thing, but have the fear at the same time..please dont forget to wish me good luck, if you happen to read this blog :)



Blogger Vijaya Kumar Vegi said...

U fkcer completed it 3 cheers :D

11:33 AM  

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