Monday, April 17, 2006

My Heros

thanks for coming to my show..glad to have you here :)
hey just trying to emulate Jay Leno here \clipart{lol2}

its time to blog..and what more can be interesting than the subject of being lazy :D and the subject of kicking ass! you guessed it, i'm goin to eat your mind about two of my icons today


Garfield is the lousy fat ass cat cartoon character - all it does is either sleep or lay on the couch lazily and eat! I strongly believe the creator of garfield secretly studied me and got motivated to create the character :D I fell in love with garfield in the subways of new york city through this daily newspaper called New York Post. Of all the newspapers that the elite and educated NYC got to offer, my choice was obviously the junkiest of them all - New York Post. This paper contained nothing but gossips, semi nude photos of Paris Hilton, the infamous Page Six and of course GARFIELD comic strip. Hey who wants to be informed? People want to be entertained, so don't blame me for the choice of The Post :D Coming back to Garfield, I wish and sincerely hope one day I will live like Garfield :( unfortunately in this fast paced world there is never a chance to live like my buddy. My idea of an ideal vacation is - Lay on the beach, get drunk and when you feel a little high, jump into the water..hang in there till you are sober and repeat the process of getting drunk and jumping in the water forever. cool ain't it :D

another hero of mine is the KICK ASS Scarface!! "in this country you gotta make the money first...then when you get the money, you get the power..then when you get the power you get the love"! I've seen this movie a million times and I know the quotes by heart :) My good friend 'Judge' got me a scarface shirt as a gift. It has the images of Al Pachino smoking a cigar. When I went to India for a vacation last December, I hanged around wearing this shirt for the most part. coming from a conservative family, I was a little scared that my parents would kick my ass seeing this shirt, but to my suprise they didn't. I told the story of Scarface to my mom too \clipart{proud}. Even harcore Scarface fans woudn't discuss the story of Scarface with their mom, but hey I'm different. I AM the biggest fan of them all :)

So most of the intelligent readers might have guessed it already, but there would certainly be some ordinary souls who might not get what i'm trying to say in this blog. Ok, all I’m saying here is I’m in conflict :( I want to be like Scarface and get more and more money, power and love. Then Garfield takes over and says "dude take it easy, be lazy instead". Now i'm laying on the couch listening to my dear friend Garfield, then Scarface comes over and kicks my ass and says "dude move your lazy ass and get more money, more power, more love"

see you next time, thanks for reading :D


Blogger Vijaya Kumar Vegi said...

Skar Kicks Ass dude, awesome blog article thorougly enjoyed particularly this line "Now i'm laying on the coutch listening to my dear friend Garfield, then Scarface comes over and kicks my ass and says "dude move your lazy ass and get more money, more power, more sex"

5:13 PM  
Blogger Khakha said...

Scar mama,
pumpuhar pumpuhar
kustha bahar kushta bahar

12:20 PM  
Blogger scarface said...

thanks mamas :O

ii matram vencouragement iste salu, nen recchipota

12:14 AM  
Blogger Viswatez Repakula said...

Scary, didn't have account previously to comment at your blog. Anyway, Scary kicks Ass for sure.

Nee narration excellent babai, kaakapote jara chinna padalu vadi raste santoshistam.....nee blog chadavataniki dictionary vadela cheyyaku plz

3:39 AM  

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